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All Geminis To The Rasberry Hats!

Diary Of A Scooby Girl

21 July 1981
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About my Willow:

willowberry is a pretty nifty girl. I think If you got to know her, you'd like her. She's a happy little redhead. She does angst occasionally, but generally looks on the bright side of things. She also tends to babble. A lot. She is also known for her goofy sayings and cute little smirks. She adores Buffy and Xander and always stands by her best friends. She has been known to ship with Tara, Oz, or Xander, but generally shys away from Kennedy. She loves magic and spells and can sometimes go a bit overboard, but very rarely turnes all black-eyed and veiny. She has been known to play a high schooler, a college student, or a graduate. Never any preferance. She hearts her laptop and still uses her special system of different colored highlighters to go over her notes. And last, but certainly not least, she will never under any circumstances play Vamp Willow. If you are interested in having her play in any of your games, drop me a line.

My claims banners, colorbar, and ALL icons were made by tinkermellie! Take any of my personal icons and you will feel our wrath. (Trust me, it's not pretty)